Can I do the Site work myself or hire my own subcontractors?

Yes, you certainly can. When it comes to the things that have to be done at your lot, such as clearing the lot, installing the footing and foundation, connecting the electric, water and sewer lines, the state of New Jersey allows Homeowners to either do the work themselves or hire their own subcontractors. We have helped many people do it, even those without construction experience.

This might be the time when you call in some favors from relatives and friends who have specific construction experience.

We’ll even provide you with free step-by-step advice, recommend subcontractors, check on subcontractors work and guide you from beginning to end. If you run into a problem, we will be there to jump in and help you out.

Whether you want to do one or two things or all of the site work yourself, or have a friend or relative do a couple of the subcontracting tasks, that’s okay. The State’s only requirement is that if it’s electrical or plumbing work and it’s someone other than you doing the work, they must be licensed in the State of New Jersey. You must also have a licensed New Jersey engineer design the foundation.