What is an Economy Model?

These houses are made in the same factory and by the same workers as our standard houses. The difference is that although the materials used will meet code they will not exceed code as our other houses do.

Items such as kitchen cabinets, and bathroom fixtures are classified as “Builder Grade,” a lesser grade than first line quality. The kitchen cabinets do not have pull-out drawers or lazy susans and their appearance is often described as being slightly dull. Overall throughout the house there is slightly less quality.  Walls are 2×4 rather than 2×6, floors are 5/8″ OSB (Flakeboard) rather than 3/4″ plywood and windows are single-hung (they open only at the bottom) rather than double-hung. All this results in a lower cost.

Generally we sell these houses to builders and people that intend to sell or rent the house or those only planning on keeping it a couple years.  We also sell these houses to those that are on a very limited budget. Houses in the “Economy” section can be upgraded to meet the quality of our standard houses.

Overall, the “Economy” houses are well made and they are ideal for people that are looking for basic quality without the many upgrades that come with our standard houses.

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