Why buy from Spartec LLC? - Spartec Modular Homes

Why buy from Spartec LLC?

  • EXPERIENCE:  Spartec has been selling modular homes and modular commercial buildings since 2001 and we have sold homes throughout New Jersey, from shore communities to inland cities and towns, from residential properties to commercial buildings.  Whether it’s working in high-wind flood-prone areas at the shore or unusual land conditions elsewhere, Spartec has seen it all.  Spartec’s only business is selling modular buildings.
  • LOW OVERHEAD:  We operate efficiently and frugally so that we can pass these savings on to you in the form of lower prices.
  • FOCUS:  Spartec is a New Jersey registered builder and fully insured.  We are not involved in extraneous businesses like Home Improvements or Restoration services like some of our competitors, who sell modular homes as a side-line.  Our only business is selling modular buildings.  This focus insures that we are not distracted by other projects nor do we need to give priority to other work at the expense of our modular customers.   
  • RESPONSIVE:  The management of Spartec prides itself on a quick response to inquiries by attempting to answer all calls and e-mails immediately but in cases whereby we are tied up with other customers or out of the office, we strive to return calls and e-mails within hours, never days or weeks.  This applies not only to potentially new customers but existing and past customers.
  • BETTER QUALITY: Spartec’s construction specifications are better than any other modular company’s specifications that we have come across.  We can prove this by going over our written construction specifications with you.  You are assured of a solidly built house.
  • FLEXIBILTY:  Spartec prides itself in being very flexible regarding how the site items (land clearing, foundation, utility connections, etc.) get accomplished.  You can do some or all of the work yourself; hire some or all of your own subcontractors; use our subcontractors and pay them directly or have us do everything, or almost any other way that suits you.
  • FAIR PRICING:  The cost of the house that we give you will be “to-the-penny” with a full explanation of the materials used, how the process works, from beginning to end and what is included and what isn’t.
  • QUICK DETAILS:  Within an hour or two of our initial meeting you will know the budgetary costs of all the things that need to be done locally, from the initial surveyor and engineer’s costs, to the finishing trim.  This includes many things that our prospective customers are unaware of but things that you need to know about so that there are no surprises down the road.
  • NO MUMBO-JUMBO:  We will explain the process and construction techniques in layman’s terms and take as much time as you need to make an informed decision.
  • SATISFIED CUSTOMERS:  Many of our customers have become our personal friends and advocates by recommending us to their friends and acquaintances.  As one of our customers told us. “The building inspector said that it was the best built home he had ever seen”.