In order for us to assist you with getting an accurate price and details about the process of getting a new modular home and helping you with some of the design features, we will require you to provide us with the following information:

a. Contact Form. Complete the “Contact” form from our website, Be sure to include the Block and Lot numbers of your lot along with the street address and the name of the municipality that it is in.

b. Zoning & Construction. Gather information from the Zoning Officer and the Construction Official in the municipal offices where your lot is located with assurance from them that your lot is buildable and any significant concerns such as flood-zones and water-levels, etc. that will need to be addressed.

c. Financial Information. Obtain a “Pre-qualification Letter” or “Lender Approval Letter” from a bank or mortgage company that provides construction loans, stating that you have sufficient funds or the ability to borrow a certain amount of money to build a house.

d. House & Floorplan. A basic house and floorplan design, either from our website or your hand-drawn sketch, architects plans or another modular manufacturers design, etc. (Changes can be addressed later).

From this information we will request a price from the factory for the house and generate an estimate of all the other things that will be needed.