To getting a modular home built.

TaskPerformed by
1.  Review of the lot conditions.       Customer & Spartec personnel
2.  Select basic house style & size.   Customer
3.  Site items estimates.    Spartec & Customer
4.  House cost, including transportation, Crane & Assembly.Spartec
5.  Order preliminary drawings & plans.        Customer
6.  Review preliminary drawings and make changes as necessary.Customer & Spartec
7.  Order second preliminary drawings.      Customer & Spartec
8.  Sign Agreement with deposit.    Customer
9.  Order final architectural plans.    Spartec
10.  Building Permit application.             Spartec
11.  Upon receipt of Building Permit, start site items tasks.Spartec & Customer
12.  Select colors and special features.    Customer
13.  Order house with deposit.     Customer

**  This is an outline only and does not include all of the individual steps required.  **