In an attempt to fool potential buyers, many sellers of Mobile Homes and HUD Homes try to call their products Modular Homes but there is a big difference and it’s easy to find out which is which.

A Modular Home is built like a regular house, using the same type of plans, material, specifications, codes and inspections.   The foundation required for a Modular Home is the same as a regular “stick-built” house. 

Modular Homes and Modular Commercial Buildings should not be confused with “Mobile Homes”, “Manufactured Homes” or “HUD Homes”.

1.  Mobile homes come in a single basic size (about the size of a large trailer) often called a “single wide” and two sections, placed side-by-side, generally referred to as a “double-wide”.  They are flimsily constructed to allow for being towed around and are licensed by the Department of Transportation.  In many states they are relegated to designated Trailer Parks.

2.  Manufactured Homes is a catch-all term used to describe any building that is manufactured in a factory.  Dishonest salespeople will often refer to a Mobile home or a HUD home as a Manufactured Home in an attempt to mislead potential buyers into believing they are buying a Modular Home.

3.  HUD homes are little more than a Mobile Home that is built on a steel frame, to a design approved by the Department of Housing & Urban Development.  Mobile and HUD Homes are placed on a concrete slab, with no regular foundation or basement.

For the consumer, the biggest consideration is that Modular Homes appreciate in value the same way that regular homes do.  Over the years, your new Modular Home will increase in value.   Mobile Homes and HUD homes lose value quickly and are soon worth only a fraction of the original cost.

There is a stigma about Mobile Homes that can lower the value of an entire neighborhood making them difficult to sell in the resale market.

Why put yourself and your family at risk, buy a solidly built Modular Home from SPARTEC, LLC.